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  • Brenda Lee Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    Their Snails and cupcakes are to die for!!! Highly recommend.
  • Rachel Williams Rating (4/5 - Great)
    Great bakery but always double check the spelling on your orders lol
  • Shannon McKenzie Rating (4/5 - Great)
    Great little place to stop.
  • Beverly Jenkins Rating (4/5 - Great)
    Good bakery with wonderful cakes,bread and sweet rolls
  • Manuel Pérez Leindekar Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
  • Colby Sparks Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    Gobs, cookies pies and cakes love it all! Did I mention gobs!
  • Cindy Stoner Sager Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    I love all their baked goods! I have gotten birthday cakes from them for many years!! Love their peach crumb pie!!
  • Jamie Hollis Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    My favorite are the snails, we love going and grabbing donuts on the way to the softball field early mornings. Cookies are always fresh and yummy too.
  • Kendra Brown Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    Anything we get from here is always delicious! My girls love it and are always thrilled when we stop by to get treats to take home. My family looks forward to ordering our birthday cakes, and the decorator has always went above and beyond. Not only delicious but decorated beautifully every time!
  • Robin Schomer Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    I love this store
  • Danielle Hamrock Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    Always the best items! Made fresh daily and always delicious!
  • Marcin Górecki Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    Their soft cheese filled pie is sensational. Try it.
  • Scott Stairs Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    Wonderful variety of fresh baked goods, but especially love the doughnuts! Great girls running the counter and owner who is also the head baker puts out great baked goods every day.
  • Mike Samfilippo Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    This shop was one of the coolest places! Would definitely come back.
  • Jon Griser Rating (4/5 - Great)
    Great food, worker was kind of a bi**h but the deserts trumped everything. So good!
  • Tor W Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    Coconut creme donuts! What more could you want! Seriously though this is an awesome bakery.
  • Autumn Klimek Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    Love this shop. Stop everytime we are passing through!
  • Michael Spotts Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    Take my boys here every time we go to the BSA campgrounds.
  • Bobby Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    "Every year one of our Vendors (PCA-Pittsburgh) brings us your delicious cookies for Christmas. After enjoying them for the first time years ago.. I can tell you you one thing ... it sure does make you wish everyday was Christmas.
  • Scott Ludwick Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    So many delicious taste treats - always a hit at any get together. The raisin bars are one of my favorites!
  • Chrissy Marie Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    I think very highly of the Country Pie Shop! All of the pastries are delicious... Their customer service is excellent!!!
  • Julie Napolillo Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    Ordered cupcakes and a chocolate gob cake for my daughters birthday. Everything was awesome! The cupcakes were the best I have ever had. Red devils food with chocolate icing. Yummy!
  • Jennifer Shafer Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    Princess cake is delicious, very nice bakery
  • Christine Stahl Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    Best bakery ever
  • Georgei Orbin Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    First time there and was wonderful!
  • Kelly Rodacay Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    You must stop if in the Laurel Highlands. The best around.
  • John Kramer Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    Stopped by and grabbed some fresh donuts and cinnamon rolls. Delicious, good pricing and good customer service.
  • David Flaherty Rating (4/5 - Great)
    A great place to buy dessert. The staff is usually friendly, but every now and then seem to be less enthused. The food quality makes up for it, but it would be great to see the food and service match in excellence.
  • Viktoria K Rating (4/5 - Great)
    Sweet pastries and cute trinkets.
  • Kim V Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    Really cool antiques and "rustic" home decor! We didn't try any of the pies, but we did purchase some natural chapstick, a ton of old-fashioned candy, and some older sodas! This place has a great nostalgic feeling! I'd love to make the trip back in the future and try the desserts!
  • Karyn Hamer Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    Great Baked Goods!
  • Karrie Neuder Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    Best baked goods in the area!
  • Jackie DeGroat Rating (4/5 - Great)
    We loved the pie and the country gift shop!
  • Paulene Martin Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    Awesome General Store.. I could spend hours there..
  • Richard J Charneicki Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    The Best baked goods every!! I ordered for Thanksgiving. The thumb prints and cream wafers. Everyone really enjoyed them!!
  • Autumn Klimek Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    Love this shop. Stop everytime we are passing through!
  • Annette H. Rating (4/5 - Great)
    Oh my goodness. Forget everything else. Buy the orange-iced cookies. My friend and I both agreed that we may have had a cookie *as* good, but never one that is better than these! Once we left, we began calling around to see if they had other shops (they do) and where it was (just one more shop, too much out of the way for us), but that is how much we wanted to buy more of these cookies to take back to St. Louis. A bit of a let-down when I ate the only other thing we bought...a brownie. It wasn't very chocolatey and the icing was too gritty. It was good but I wouldn't order it again.
  • Jill Coffman Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    I could eat a Country Pie Shoppe cinnamon bun every morning!! Love this place! Treat yourself to a visit...
  • Matthew Prestia Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    I love this place! Large selection and friendly service too. Last time I took back a strawberry rhubarb pie, cinnamon rolls, and a few buckeyes. All incredible!
  • Bonita King Damico Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    Just had their Cupcakes last week... they are always yummy. Love the Filling!!!
  • Courtney Pollock Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    Awesome princess cakes get them for my childrens birthdays! I will be ordering one this week for my daughters 2 birthday !
  • Katie Klingensmith Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    Love them so yummy ,I just wish I lived a little closer
  • Sandy White Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    Love the home made bread!!And cakes. We always order a princess cake from there. Everything is good!
  • Gian Montanari Rating (4/5 - Great)
    Not impressed, I bought a few cookies, sticky bun and other desserts and they were okay, just average not bad!
  • Heather Marie Neiderhiser Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    Best fresh bakery around! Donuts, breads, cakes, cupcakes, and of course the CINNAMON ROLLS!! YUUMMMMM You will NOT be disappointed! My coworkers love me when I bring a box of goodies to the break room!!
  • Ed Grubach Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    Best cupcakes EVER, not to mention the snails, devil delights, maple twists, pumpkin cookies, long johns and gobs! Always fresh, amazing and delicious home style treats!
  • Sean Craig Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    Awesome baked goods!
  • Rhonda White Bradley Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    Ordered Dinner Rolls ,Bunny Cake and Cupcakes for Easter ..Everything was perfect.
  • Brea Kissler Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    Everything is fantastic!!!
  • Melanie Mathews Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    Donegal shop did my sister-in-law's wedding cake and cupcakes. They were delicious and looked beautiful. Thanks so much.
  • Ashley Rae Zeiler Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    The country pie shop has such yummy goodies I miss how u guys use to make pizza.....
  • Jamie Lynn Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
  • Amy Bozick Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    When you walk in, the aroma of fresh baked goods is enough to make you want to buy everything. Everything. Looking around, the shop is clean and tidy, and the wares are lovely. I bought fresh pies and a loaf of pepperoni bread, and they are worth every calorie. This is a destination spot!
  • Tom Skelton Rating (4/5 - Great)
    Great baked goods, friendly staff, convenient hours
  • Chris Detar Rating (4/5 - Great)
    Delicious cookies and cakes.
  • Mark Webb Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    Good value and delicious products. I go there any time I am in that area.The scent of tasty baked goods hits you as you walk through the door
  • Bryon Black Rating (4/5 - Great)
    Was super excited to find a donut place out here while on vacation, but then kinda bummed that the donuts were only mediocre.
  • Kayla Hostetler Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    Very friendly, delicious baked goods, and a quaint general store.
  • William Seman Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    best apple pie around and real good sausage rolls drive up here every sunday for the best pie around and i live in jefferson hills.a nice sunday drive
  • Meghan Malone Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    So delicious and fresh! Best doughnuts around! And always friendly!
  • Amy Bozick Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    When you walk in, the aroma of fresh baked goods is enough to make you want to buy everything. Everything. Looking around, the shop is clean and tidy, and the wares are lovely. I bought fresh pies and a loaf of pepperoni bread, and they are worth every calorie. This is a destination spot!
  • KJ McLaws Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    I wasn't a huge fan of the chocolate candy cookies (MnM cookie). Fresh strawberry pie was very good.
  • David Wright Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    The pie shope is great visit it more often
  • Felicia Bergman Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    The chocolate chip cookie gobs are amazing ?
  • Holly Hock Rating (4/5 - Great)
    Great for gifts!
  • Rebecca DiBartolomeo Rating (4/5 - Great)
    We picked up cinnamon bread and a tiny blueberry pie. They have hot tea and the coffee is pretty alright. Nice for a midmorning treat.
  • Jason Haid Rating (5/5 - Excellent)
    Great pies and desserts

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